Theresa Ventura: Wildlife feeding leads to pet’s death

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I am a Newhall resident feeling very violated by the people who run the establishment I live in and by my neighbor who feeds the wildlife here at the apartment complex I live in.

She feeds the birds, rabbits and raccoons. The problem is when you feed the birds, it attracts rats. And by feeding the raccoons and rabbits, it brings the coyotes.

Every night around 8:30 this woman, my neighbor, puts a bag of cat food along the property line where I live. The raccoons are waiting like clockwork.

Then about 30 minutes later come the coyotes to get their share of the food. There are more than six of them, right outside my apartment every night. She has been asked to stop feeding them, but she doesn’t listen to anyone.

On Dec. 9 one of those horrible creatures got a hold of my little deaf dog, whom I loved like a child, and now she is gone. This has been so heartbreaking for me.

I went into the apartment office and told them what’s going on and what happened, yet nobody does anything about it. Every night there this woman is feeding those wild animals, and from my understanding it is against the law to feed wildlife.

I’m not talking about one or two coyotes; there are at least six of them. I’m afraid to leave my apartment at night and can’t even walk my dogs at night for fear I will lose another beloved pet.

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