Aprile Andrada: Protect cancer patients in healthcare changes

A group of 24, Santa Clarita Valley citizens approach the Santa Clarita Valley district office of Congressman Steve Knight to express concerns over the reorganization of the Affordable Care Act in January. Dan Watson/The Signal

As Congressman Knight considers the future of the Affordable Care Act, it’s critical that cancer patients, survivors and those at risk for cancer don’t face any gap in their coverage in order to prevent and treat their disease.

American Cancer Society research shows that the uninsured and underinsured are more likely to be diagnosed with cancer at its more advanced stages when treatment is more expensive and patients are more likely to die from their cancer.

More than 30 million people, including many cancer patients and survivors, now have insurance, thanks to the current law. Any replacement plan should stabilize and hopefully increase the number of insured Americans.

Congressman Knight, as you consider proposals to change the current health care law, please remember that cancer patients, survivors and their families in California are counting on you to preserve the critical patient protections in the law while ensuring that coverage is affordable and adequate.

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