COC students on Fallen Warriors Memorial

Bill Reynolds displays updated drawings of the proposed warrior memorial as he stands at it's new proposed location under the trees at the corner of Newhall and Market Street at veterans historical plaza in Newhall in July 2016. DAN WATSON
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A beacon for future generations

I am writing to offer my support for the Santa Clarita Valley Fallen Warriors Monument. I am a student at College of the Canyons and was made aware of this memorial through a class discussion in my English class.

One of the key parts of this class is to develop service-learning projects and to participate in civic engagement.

While my team and I have settled on a topic that I love for our class projects, when I learned more information about this monument I knew I had to take action on this issue, too.

I believe that the memorial is a wonderful place to give acknowledgement to those we lost to service. My personal ties are with individuals who are active in service or on reserve, yet as their friend I would do anything in my power to allow their memory to live on if something were ever to happen to them.

We must ensure that the sacrifices of many are remembered for generations to come. That being said, the pergola should be extended. There should be more intricate lighting so that our beloved heroes are never in darkness.

They have shown us all the way – we should keep their trail blazing alive by lighting it up for eternity as a reminder to all who see these lights that service doesn’t go unnoticed and that sacrifice means something even in today’s crazy world.

These small changes to better the memorial will better the view of the memorial itself and its message, and it will help us all to teach future generations that some things matter – like duty, sacrifice, honor.

People think that we young adults don’t know what counts. They are wrong. We do. We have heroes like our fallen warriors who have shown us the way. Now we need our city leaders to follow their lead and do the right thing, too.

Steph Lopez, College of the Canyons student


Honoring true heroes

As a proud Civic Engagement Club member and student at College of the Canyons, I have been thrilled by my recent discovery of the SCV Fallen Warriors Monument.

Not only do we need more publicity about the historic significance of this monument and the beauty of the efforts to create it, but we also need more done for these local heroes.

As the saying goes, “A hero is not one who wears capes, but is one to put everything on the line for the greater good.” We would not truly embrace the full essence of the honorable title “Awesometown” without the bravery of these fallen men and women.

Knowing I can rest safely at night is a privilege most of the world will never experience. I feel the addition of expanding the existing pergola and brightening the heroic names by laser engraving them in marble is one way of doing them proud.

In doing so, visitors can pay respects rain or shine, day or night.

Our city is a tightly knit society, and when one of us is down, we all are struck. Our valley has taken a step in the right direction, yet there are many more improvements to come.

I ask that all Valencians visit this historic landmark at Veterans Historical Plaza in Newhall and strive for a proper memorial. We must preserve those who preserve us.

Amanda Berg, College of the Canyons, Valencia

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