Karen Fencil: Not at all presidential

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Editor’s note: The following open letter to President Trump was submitted for publication in The Signal.

Dear President Trump,

So far, in your two weeks of presidency, you have signed a lot of executive orders, alienated some of our closest allies, thrown our immigration services into chaos, banned a class of people, and failed to divest your investments, which is flaunting our laws.

In other words, you are not acting like the president of a democracy. A democratic president thinks about people other than himself. A democratic president listens to a variety of advisers, not just people who agree with him.

A democratic president treats the leaders of other countries with respect. Lastly, a democratic president appoints people to office who are competent and who reflect the composition of the country.

In a democracy, for example, the White House press secretary does not blatantly lie to the press and then accuse the media of bias.

The administration’s representatives don’t make up things like “alternative facts.” A fact is a fact; there is no alternative. If you are afraid of the facts, then you are doing something wrong.

Mr. Trump, you are not acting like the president of a democratic country. You are acting like a dictator. You have no concept of what it means to be our president.

You need to resign before you are impeached. I will not be sorry to see you go.

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