Kevin Eliason: Wanna go to Disneyland? Take out a loan


That’s right, I have a protest request. When the professional paid protesters have finished their check-off list of protests and demonstrations, how about taking on a cause that affects every man, woman and child in America – and even in some other countries.

Disney just raised admission to its Disney Parks to $124 per adult per day. (It was $1 when it opened in 1955).

Now a family of four needs to take out a mortgage to enjoy a family trip to Disneyland. No government aid or hand-out here.

This is an outrageous example of corporate greed that goes unaddressed by the media or civil protesters. It’s just plain unfair.

I wonder if it costs $20 to park, like it does at Dodger Stadium. Sports tickets, now that’s another cause worth taking on.

Glad I paid my dues at Disneyland years ago … the new Star Wars Land had to be paid for somehow … and that, I suggest, should be the protest of the week.

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