Kevin Eliason: Mr. Brown goes to Washington

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Recently Governor Brown went hat in hand to Washington D.C. for money to fund projects here as the state is going bankrupt fast and needs federal help.

California is one of 50 states in our Union, The United States of America. When you decide to play by the rules and govern like a sovereign state instead of your own independent country, cooperate and obey ALL the laws of the land, not just what you like to, and become a part of the USA Team, then you will be entitled to your “fair share” of federal assistance.

You pride yourself on saving money in your budget but continue to pour millions down the drain to finance the Moonbeam Express Bullet Train pipedream. Time to scrap the train, take those millions and use the money where it will help the people of your state where it is really needed. Not another dime for your choo choo train to nowhere. Then and only then should you ask and expect any help from the Feds.

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