Michael Weidner: Pitfalls of a diligent SCV husband


I am in my 60s and my wife is in her mid-50s. I take her to work and pick her up so she has curbside pickup and does not have to walk out to
the car as she is on her feet all day.

Instead of waiting by the red curb I back into the farthest space with a direct view to the door that she walks out. In order to see her I use binoculars to look for her.

This kid pulls up to me and says, “I don’t know what you’re doing with the binoculars but I called the police so you better leave!”

Knowing that I did not break any law, I waited for my wife and when I saw her I drove up to pick her up.She got in the car and asked to go to the store down at the mall.

When I pulled into the parking space there were two deputies standing by our car. They ask to see our ID and take our drivers licenses to call them in.

This has been the third time sheriff’s deputies have questioned me picking up my wife. I wrote about them (previously) but it seems the editor is afraid to publish anything about law enforcement!

Maybe the editor doesn’t respect seniors? I know! The editor enjoys the Sheriff’s Department harassing seniors!

Editor’s note: This is the first word of Mr. Weidner’s travails received by The Signal, which has an editor who neither disrespects seniors nor enjoys their harassment.

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