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I recently read an article in The Signal discussing a state Assembly proposal to lower the state voting age to 17 (Gina Ender’s “Amendment proposes lowering California voting age” published on March 10).

I believe that this proposal, if enacted, will be strongly beneficial to Santa Clarita’s future. Young voters are more likely than other voters to take a long-term view of political affairs, since they are most likely to be impacted by long-term issues like climate change.

Since today’s young voters will elect and serve as tomorrow’s city mayors, city council members and state and federal representatives, supporting increased political experience among young people today will yield dividends in the form of better government in the future.

I urge our state representatives to support our city’s future by supporting this important and judicious amendment.

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  • Brian Baker


    Maybe we should register kindergartners while we’re at it.

    • Gary Bierend

      If the democrats could count on the kindergartners registering and voting democrat, you can be sure they would try to legalize it!

  • Ron Bischof

    I disagree, Adnan Abdeen.

    At age 17 you’re not legally able to enter into the majority of contracts without parental consent and financial responsibility. In fact, most haven’t made a major purchase or performed a cost/benefit analysis at that age.

    You assert that young voters are more likely to take a long-term view but make no effort to support your argument with facts and data. Having been 17 myself and raised 3 sons through and past that age, I can assure you that long-term thinking isn’t a hallmark of teenage behavior. Counterexamples are proverbial.

    With all due respect, teenagers are far more likely to act on impulse and be persuaded by appeals to emotion rather than reason. It’s perfectly understandable because they lack the perspective of life experience and responsibility to make rational long-term decisions.

    I commend you on your civic engagement. Young folks like yourself should seek learning opportunities to fully comprehend how our Republic was architected and functions to prepare for their future.

  • Gary Bierend

    I wonder Ms. Abdeen would approve of reducing the age for other activities as well.

    How about drinking, smoking, age of consent? And why stop at 17? A 16 year old can legally drive, why not let them drink as well? Apparently, here in California, a girl doesn’t need parental consent to get an abortion, regardless of her age. Why shouldn’t she be allowed to decide on who her governor is at say 12 or 13?

    Lowering the voting age is simply a bad idea, so you can expect it to pass in Sacramento, the home of bad ideas.