Bob Comer: Chill out, climate change worriers

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I hope this allays Cher’s fears (Cher Gilmore column “’We the people’ must solve climate change” in the March 25 issue of The Signal).

Note how “global warming” has morphed to “climate change”? Of course climate changes! Always has, and let’s assume it will continue.

Remember the 1970s fear of global cooling resulting in another ice age? Michael Mann and associates came up with the Hockey Stick Myth in 1999. It claimed that “now” was the hottest period on the planet for 1,000 years.

What about the medieval period that was supposedly hotter than now?

Then there was the Krakatoa Volcano eruption in Indonesia in 1883 that spewed so much ash into the atmosphere the whole world witnessed far less sunlight than normal for years.

Thankfully, the environmentalists of the time must have cleaned it up.
Relax Cher, relax.

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