Ron Bischof: ‘How representative government functions’


This letter to the editor is in response to the Marcy Rothenberg’s column published April 20 titled “Representatives and their misrepresentations.”

Her column inexplicably applies 2106 presidential election popular vote statistics for the 25th Congressional District to support an assertion that our Congressman Steve Knight, R-Palmdale, “would be expected to vote with President Trump 46.8 percent of the time if he were actually trying to represent his constituents’ views.”

Assuming her cited statistics are accurate, apparently Ms. Rothenberg believes she and fellow members of her party are entitled to Rep. Knight voting proportionally their policy preferences in Congress according to unrelated election results for another branch of the federal government. This after her preferred candidate lost the 25th District Congressional race.

To state her understanding of how representative government and elections work at the federal level in our republic are deeply flawed is an understatement. In fact, it has no constitutional or logical basis of support.

Here’s what Ms. Rothenberg and all citizens who reside in the 25th Congressional District are entitled to: a fair and respectful hearing from Congressman Knight of your opinion on issues. After due consideration of all perspectives, he votes according to his take on the best interests of the district as he was hired to do.

If he fails to perform adequately, anyone who votes in the district has the right of redress at the upcoming ballot box by voting for a candidate they believe will better meet their requirements.



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