Chuck Moore: Vote California, Steve Knight

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I recommend that Signal readers look at the article by Matthew Winkler on dated May 10 in the Bloomberg View section. It outlines how California has led the country, and most every other country, out of the recession of 2008.

California has done so by not adopting any of the policies that the Trump administration has proposed regarding the environment and immigration or tax reductions for the wealthy.

Granted, California is the most unique state in the country and even the world due to our diversity of population and geography. Even so, it shows what can be done while protecting the environment and embracing immigration.

I sent an email to Congressman Steve Knight suggesting he read the article and take in the facts as he considers upcoming legislation that may run contrary to California policies.

Thus far he has tended to vote in lockstep with Republican leadership – which, of course, is not consistent with California policies – including on the issue of the very unpopular AHCA.

I asked him to consider California and his district when supporting contrarian bills. Otherwise he may end up no longer a representative from California.


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