Sally White: Just say ‘no’ to Castaic sprawl

A map of the planned Northlake development project in Castaic.
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With what seems like synchronization by the unseen hand, two diametrically opposed pieces appear in the May 9 issue of The Signal. Both need our very thorough and rigorous attention, as they represent a theoretical cause and effect principle that is actually capable of having an extremely painful effect on our valley and its citizenry.

On Page 1 we read under “Housing plans unveiled” that there are plans in the offing that include building “close to 300 homes, 17 apartment buildings and half a dozen multi-family buildings for seniors” in the Northlake area of Castaic.

On Page 7, the Opinion page, Leon Kolankiewicz begins his column with “America’s most populous state, California, has the most polluted air in the country.” He notes that, for year-round fine particulate matter pollution, nine of the 10 worst U.S. counties are in California, and one of them is Los Angeles.

It is really quite easy to realize that the Santa Clarita Valley does not need more than 300 more homes with the resulting increase of cars and trucks on our freeways, constantly adding to the already unhealthy amount of particulate matter that we are breathing in every day.

Los Angeles County should not try to be the worst county for air pollution in the whole of the United States, nor should we try to be the worst valley for air pollution in Los Angeles County.

Besides that, we should not be required to share our already dwindling supply of water with potentially 10,000 more people.

The Los Angeles County Regional Planning Commission is holding a public hearing for the newly completed Draft Environmental Impact Report for the proposed 300-plus-home Northlake development 6 p.m.-9 p.m. Wednesday, May 24, at the NorthLake Hills Elementary School, 32545 Ridge Route Road in Castaic.

We need to voice our opinions about this issue, which will have a direct effect on the health of our children and ourselves, as well as all living things. It is up to us to say stop; if we don’t, no one else will.

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