Anthony Breznican: Engaging in the community: Read The Signal

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Today I signed up for a digital subscription to The Signal. Lately, my wife and I have been trying to get more involved in local issues, and having a vibrant hometown paper is an important part of that.

I found myself increasingly visiting the website, and today it occurred to me that if we’re going to rely on this news, we better pay for it.

I’m not writing for thanks or congratulations or a cookie, but I wanted you to know that the work you are doing, and the efforts of your writers and editors, are making an important difference.

We love our town, but it seems like there is an unpleasant undercurrent of cronyism in some quarters, and I have been surprised and inspired by The Signal’s efforts to shine a light into those smoke-filled rooms.

I hope you will keep it up, despite resistance from those who would rather not have their actions and behaviors highlighted.

I’m going to encourage my friends and neighbors to subscribe, too. At times, I find myself sparring more than I should in the comment section of some articles, but I think it’s vital for people to both support and engage with their hometown paper.

It’s how we learn not only what is happening, but that we are not alone in our view of the world.

Best of luck as you make The Signal stronger.

Anthony Breznican




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