Gary Morrison: A far cry from ‘what a president is’

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As we pass through the years, we all come to some conclusions about what a president is, what a president does, how a president should govern, how he deals with the world.

I have watched every president since Eisenhower, and along the way, watched the campaigns each held. All have fit on a recognizable spectrum.

The question is: Does this president fit somewhere on that continuum? Or is he an outlier?

Many questioned whether he was qualified to hold the office, both by training and temperament. Watching his campaign, it was obvious that his temperament was definitely not typical.

He took everything down to the lowest possible common denominator. Can anyone not say that the campaign was ugly, mean and – in my opinion – not worthy of the office?

He was, and is, nothing more than a New York real estate developer. To survive in that world, it is necessary that you get your name in the news every day.

People wanted a successful businessman, for a change. Most business leaders have a board of directors to answer to. This guy was the head of a family-owned business answering to no one. His business model was borrowing money and not paying it back.

Try to do that in the world the rest of us live in. His claim to be the ultimate “dealmaker” rings hollow when the typical deal involved him backing his “opponent” into a corner and sending “bull dog attorneys” after him with multiple threats of lawsuits.

That’s why the New York and other U.S. banks stopped lending to his business, and therefore his need to go elsewhere for the money. That information was put out there by Don Jr. and Eric!

I’m far from alone in seeing D.J.T. as an embarrassment to our country. I also don’t think the country is ready for an impeachment. There are way too many “angry white men” out there, and I fear a bloodbath.


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