Barbara Gassner: Slow down to make it where you’re going

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

For years I have noticed the city’s speed limits increasing as our population has increased. I totally agree with Dr. Michael Pin’s July 6 letter to the editor and wonder why the limits are so high and why people ignore the posted speed limits – these are not merely suggestions, these are LIMITS!

Sadly, if you go the speed limit people pass you on the right or left, dangerously speeding around you, not giving you a high five, but just one finger instead.

I also agree with Dr. Pin suggesting the posted speeds are too fast. My daughter lived in Coppell, Texas, just outside of Dallas where the entire town’s speed limit was 35 or less on every street within the city limits except the major limited-access highway.

She, coming from California, was cruising along one day at 40 mph and was pulled over. The officer wrote a ticket explaining that in Texas the speed limit was the limit – 5 mph or 10 mph over was not acceptable.

Mayor Cameron Smyth, can we please consider bringing speed limit sanity back to our valley? No one needs to be going down McBean at 50 mph (plus the added 10 mph or more, making it almost the same as the posted freeway signs). No one needs to go down any street at more than a posted 40 mph or less.

I suggest a review of the speed limits on the streets of Santa Clarita, lowering them to a safe and sane speed and enforcing the limits. Taking an extra 5 minutes to get someplace is certainly better than not making it there at all.

Barbara Gassner
Santa Clarita

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