Chuck Mogavero: Angels on earth in Santa Clarita


Editor’s note: The following letter to the editor was prompted by a lost wallet found by a motorist and returned to its owner via mail, sent back to Arizona from an address on Creekside Road in Santa Clarita.

There are some pretty wonderful people who live in Santa Clarita. Just a short note to say thank you to the angels on earth who returned a lost wallet.

My daughter, Jenna Duffy, was on her way to Disneyland on Thursday, July 13. After arriving at their hotel in Anaheim, she realized that her wallet was missing.

The only time she exited her vehicle during the trip was at a rest area on I-40 west in northwest Arizona about 20 miles from the California border.

To whoever found her wallet at this rest area and mailed it back to us, thank you so very much. The wallet was returned with all of its contents, including $300 in cash.

I just wish you would have included a return address on the packaging. I hope this letter finds you so that you will know how grateful our entire family is for the goodness that resides in your heart.

Be proud, Santa Clarita! You have angels on earth in that town!

Chuck Mogavero lives in Kingman, Arizona

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