Lois Eisenberg: Slow down and be safe

A blue truck drives past the spot in the far right lane of southbound McBean Parkway just south of Decoro Drive where a BMW hit at Honda head-on in a fatal car crash in July 2017. Katharine Lotze/The Signal


Regarding the story “Fatal crash claims lives of two men” published July 5 in The Signal, first and foremost my heartfelt condolences to the Gore family. I thank Dr. Michael Pin for his input about speeding in the Santa Clarita and its horrific outcome (July 6 letter).

I have written numerous letters to the editor to SCV Signal on this subject in hopes that it would curtail the speeding. But in return I have been ridiculed numerous times by many non-believers of the outcome of speeding – such as the death of two people on Tuesday night.

I can’t understand the objection to slowing down as rational behavior.

The motorists in the SCV are hell-bent on getting to their destinations in record time; they seem to announce to the rest of the valley’s residents: “This is my time on the road and to all others keep out of my way regardless of the dangers that can occur.”

The impatience of the motorist in the SCV is extraordinary, with not a thought in mind of what horrific damage they can cause.

Regardless of posted speed limits, the fast and the furious will exceed those speed limits with no regard for life and limb.

We need to lower all speed limits in all parts of town in hopes that these speeders will not exceed at least 10 miles an hour over the posted speed limit.

The excess of 10 miles an hour is still too much for safety, but hopefully it will help.

Slow down, stay safe and smell the roses. Patience is a virtue and speeding is a killer.

Lois Eisenberg

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