William L. Picketts: On Dreamers and presidents and La-La Land

SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
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Mr. DeBree hits all the liberal nails on the head. I am a native Californian who, for the first 55 years of my life, considered California the greatest place on earth.

Thanks to the liberal majority that is no longer true, primarily because of the things covered in Jim De Bree’s column (“The people’s Democratic Republic of ‘Taxifornia,’” Sept. 14 in The Signal).

Glenda Johnson’s letter to the editor (“We don’t owe Dreamers anything,” Sept. 12 in The Signal) was spot on – Dreamers have had so much given to them that returning to their native countries to make them better places is the last thing they think about, when it should be the first they think about.

Hey, Charles Vignola, (“Trump’s new rules for presidents,” Democratic Voices column published Sept. 19 in The Signal), how many presidents have had less experience than the last one? From community organizer to president in two easy steps, both less than ordinary performances.

He accomplished next to nothing and proceeded to that same level as president. Please save me from Hollywood liberals; working in La-La Land qualifies them to create fantasy – nothing more.

William L. Picketts is a Valencia resident


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