Betty Arenson: A Tea Party fallacy

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Letters to the Editor
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The Signal’s recent “Where is the Tea Party’s outrage?” alleged that the Tea Party only cared about the national debt when Obama was president but not now with President Trump.

Author Jim De Bree states the party “is a movement within the Republican Party calling for a reduction of the national debt of the United States and the federal budget”. That is correct. For all of the flack and abuse the Tea Party suffered in its active days, the group was never about social issues such as same sex marriage, even thought it was falsely tagged with everything negative to denigrate it.

The commentary cites various numbers about projected deficits, debt, and bipartisan spending which will purportedly increase with the recent Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 and the tax cuts that recently passed in Congress and signed by Trump. As an aside, what is not mentioned with the projections is the fact that more people are, and will be, back to work, resulting in employees and employers paying more taxes. That would be a positive effect on the (alleged) projected tax cuts debt.

A few years ago the Tea Party had 48 members in the 435-member House and four in the 100-seat Senate. They are basically toothless and clearly a minority. It is peculiar that anyone would think that small group could stop much of anything. Very obviously they did not have any effect on the national debt that nearly doubled under President Obama under whose reign it nearly equaled the 43 previous presidents combined.

Some of the Tea Party members did not vote for the tax cuts. A Tea Party member voting for the tax cuts makes sense…less money to big government. Voting against the tax cuts recognizes a possible increase in the debt along with seeing that the government spends too much. The recent budget resolution shows that.

The Tea Party is not the problem.

Betty Arenson

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