Out of the bunker: Keeping cool in the heat

A golfer carts his clubs back to his car at the Vista Valencia Golf Course on Sunday. Christian Monterrosa/ The Signal

The most recent heat wave we experienced was the worst on record for our area.

At one point, I believe the temperature reached 118 degrees.

The best thing to do on days like this is to remain cool by staying inside. Unfortunately, golf courses are outside and many of you can’t imagine not playing golf during the heat wave.
Here are a few tips to help you stay cool during your moments of madness.

  • Hydrate yourself before you even get to the golf course. Drink plenty of water before you tee off and continue drinking throughout your round. A great idea is to freeze a few water bottles the night before, and the water will keep you cool throughout your round as the ice melts away.
  • Pack extra towels to soak during the round. One of the greatest ways to stay cool is to wet a towel with cold water and drape it across the back of your neck. It’s amazingly refreshing, and it does an excellent job of cooling you down. Many courses offer these cool towels to players throughout the day.
  • Play as early as possible to avoid the worst of the heat. For many of you, the perfect time to play is mid-morning after a nice breakfast. Do yourself a favor and set that alarm clock a couple of hours earlier during the summer heat wave. There is no easier way to keep from over-heating than to play before the heat actually arrives.
  • Wear light colors to keep your body cooler. Most manufacturers offer moisture-wicking fabric that is designed to be worn during the heat of the summer. Invest in a few of these shirts and your experience will be much better.


Living in Santa Clarita, we are all accustomed to the heat this time of year. Do your best to keep yourself cool on the golf course, and you’ll be able to continue enjoying the game even during the heat.



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