What golf traditions do you have?


This is my favorite time of the year.

There is something special about the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I enjoyed many traditions with my family growing up during this time, and I’m enjoying new traditions with my family now. This got me thinking about certain traditions that I enjoy in golf.

Traditions in golf can come in a variety of ways. Perhaps the greatest tradition in professional golf is the Masters champion being presented with the Green Jacket in the Butler Cabin at the conclusion of the tournament.

The previous year’s champion helping the new champion put on his jacket is always fun to see.

Sticking with the Masters, a tradition that many probably don’t know about is the players skipping their balls across the water during practice rounds on the 16th hole.

This is so much fun to watch, and it’s a shame you can’t enjoy it without actually attending the tournament. I’ll never forget sitting with my dad on the hillside of the 16th hole in 2008 as we watched each player walk up to the water to attempt their shot.

Great fun, and a great tradition!

Another tradition that I enjoy is the Champions Dinner at The Masters.

This dinner is held on the Tuesday of Masters week, and the guest list is all former Masters champions.

The defending champion gets to select the menu, and I always enjoy learning what is being served.

Often times the selection will include steak, chicken and seafood. However, Tiger Woods selected a menu in 1998 that best represented his young age at the time. The menu included cheeseburgers, French fries and milkshakes.

Can you imagine the looks on the older champions when this food was served?

A tradition that is amongst the favorites of PGA tour winners is the Tournament of Champions at Kapalua in early January.

To be invited, you must have won a PGA tournament during the previous calendar year. Players typically take this as an opportunity for a post-holiday vacation with their families, and it’s a terrific reward for being a tournament winner on tour.

I’m sure that many of you have your own traditions involving golf.

Perhaps your tradition is playing with your in-laws on the day after Thanksgiving, or maybe you sneak onto a closed golf course on New Year’s Day!

Yes, that has been known to happen!  Whatever your tradition may be, I hope you continue to enjoy yourself.

Who knows?  Maybe you’ll pick up a new tradition in the coming year.

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