Out of the Bunker: Getting a grip

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I work with players who struggle getting comfortable with the way they grip the golf club all the time.

Sometimes the left hand feels wrong, sometimes the right hand feels wrong and, often, both hands feel wrong.

Let’s face it, when you stand over a golf shot while questioning the feelings in your hands, you are most likely doomed. Fortunately, there is a simple fix to improve your confidence and feel in your grip.

If I’m working with a right-handed player who is struggling with their left-hand grip, I like to have them remove their right hand from the golf club. Without adjusting their left hand, I’ll have them attempt to swing the club.

This usually results in a real struggle.

It perfectly illustrates what change we need to make. At this point, I will have them position their left hand in a way that feels stronger to them and allows them to swing the club easily.

This position is not the same for every player, and I wouldn’t expect it to be.

Now, if a player is struggling with their right hand on the club, I’ll have them do the exact same practice by removing their left hand from the grip. Eventually, this player will establish a grip for their right hand, which in turn will give them more confidence to swing the golf club.

As an instructor, I am focusing on many details with each swing I watch.

The better swings always stem from players who have more confidence in the way the golf club feels in their hands. By learning to swing the club with each hand separately, you are not only building up strength in that side of your swing, but you are also learning how to properly release the golf club in a positive manner on your follow through.

If it feels awkward, it probably is not correct.

However, if you can strengthen your ability to swing with only one hand on the club, you’ll become a better player as you train both hands to eventually work properly together.

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