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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I am writing to compliment The Signal, specifically, the Sunday issue of March 31, on the commentary regarding the results of the long-awaited Mueller Report. It is time for the congressional bodies to put it behind them and do what we elected them to do, namely the people’s business. We have been putting up with the antics and constant bickering long enough. I have been voting since the late 1940s and never have I seen the open hostility between the two national parties. It is so demeaning and deteriorating to the nation. When and where did this begin? I was informed years ago that the leaders of both parties met for lunch on a regular basis. Do you think that happens now?

We are no longer a representative government, as our founders intended, but rather a self-serving group of ambitious people with one thought in mind, and that is, to stay in office and become part of the ruling class. We seem to be in a constant election cycle.

I am making a plea to you subscribers, to inform The Signal that you have had enough, especially to the congressional representatives of the House, in particular Chairman Adam Schiff of the Intelligence Committee and Chairman Jerold Nadler of the Judiciary Committee. Their inane badgering of the Mueller probe and of Attorney General William Barr, is not only disruptive but also counterproductive. Maybe if they hear and listen to the people they represent there could be a return to a true representation.  

I am asking for more in the expression of disapproval, in order to make the necessary changes to restore our nation’s working representative government, one that solves the problems of the people as opposed to creating self-centered issues.

Carl W. Raggio


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