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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Is it only me or has anyone else noticed there are more commercial airplane flights flying low over our valley in the last few months? Did you know that due to noise complaints in the San Fernando Valley the Burbank Airport has changed the flight patterns in and out of the airport? 

I know that many airplanes fly over the Santa Clarita Valley, usually on a north/south path, but those aircraft usually are well over 10,000 feet high and pose no threat for sound pollution. However, I did a quick search on the website and found that many of the flights now coming from the Midwest and East Coast arriving at Burbank airport are flying over our valley well under 6,000 feet. 

If they are too low and loud you can report them directly on the Webtrak website.

This past Saturday (July 20) I counted six flights in the noon hour flying low. I do not think that Santa Clarita should have large commercial planes flying below 6,000 feet over our valley at all hours of the day and night when the airport they are landing at is more than 25 miles away. If we do not complain about the current airplane noise pollution situation, it will only get worse and will certainly lead to a diminished quality of life and likely a reduction in all our home values.

If you are as uncomfortable as I am with the increased number of low-flying commercial jet airplane flyovers and the noise pollution they are creating here in the Santa Clarita Valley, I urge all residents to please write an email to the FAA ([email protected]) or call them at 202-267-3521, or please call the Burbank Airport 24-hour hotline at 800-441-0409 to complain. 

Only through a broad community action can we hope to have any chance affecting change.

Scott Ponegalek, Valencia

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