Gary Morrison | Enough with Thoughts and Prayers

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Atrocity, after atrocity, after atrocity! Every time, followed by the same weak blandishment, “Our (my) thoughts and prayers are with the families affected.” Thoughts and prayers, thoughts and prayers, THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS. Enough already! I have seen no evidence that the “thoughts and prayers statement ever prevented, improved, or changed anything. We Americans are a violent people. Just review recent history. The problem is our culture that values “cowboy” behavior.

Look at our movies, particularly monster movies, like “Godzilla” or back as far as “The Blob.” On screen, how do we attempt to deal with the monster? We get out our rifles, and shoot at it! It just makes the monster angrier. Too many of us have decided that the only way we can solve our problems is through use of a gun or other weapon. We can’t seem to come to a conclusion as to what must change. Some say guns are too available, or mental health issues. Or over politicization!

Sweden has crazy people, too, and few if any mass killings. Some say that loss of jobs and income is the issue. Italy has lost, percentage-wise, as many jobs as we have, and yet, few killings. That the internet has made the situation worse seems to be somewhere on everybody’s list. But the internet is worldwide, and nowhere else has seen the kind of violence we have. The only thing we can agree on is that “thoughts and prayers” accomplish nothing, other than to allow us to move on to the next atrocity. We need to decide, just how much collateral damage can we allow the Second Amendment to tally. Life and death should not be a partisan issue, ever! 

Gary Morrison


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