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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Vaccine mandates have been rolled out in the last two weeks, enforced by California Health Director Tomas Aragon and corporations with no concrete arguable evidence to implement such mandates.

I am not anti-vaccine, and nor are many citizens who are out there. Most of us have been vaccinated to attend the public school system. Many of us have valid concerns of the vaccines’ ingredients, efficacy, and long-term effects. There is no religious consideration being taken in the health care field, and businesses? This seems to violate the federal law that protects citizens from discrimination. There are no known long-term side effects. What some of us do know, is many of our friends and family members have contracted the virus, and recovered from their own immune systems. This is not to discredit the loss experienced by those out there, by no means.

However, the recent vaccine mandates come at a time when Gov. Gavin Newsom is up for recall. 

(There is) no evidence to back a vaccine mandate. My case in point: Our politicians, health care director and corporate leaders are failing to look at the most recent events. The Centers for Disease Control has disclosed vaccinated people can contract, spread and now die from the virus. The vaccine was rolled out as an experimental emergency vaccine focused around administering it to the vulnerable. These temporary elected officials are also failing to look at the data, and consider the public as a whole. Numbers are factual. However, they can be skewed or manipulated. The data we are about to evaluate comes from the CDC, and recommendations being made by the CDC are followed at the convenience of selfish agendas.

The data show California daily deaths, Aug. 16, 2020, daily deaths at 122, and a seven-day moving average at 130. Now fast forward one year later, Aug. 16, 2021: daily deaths 11, and a seven-day moving average of 15. There has been an improvement of 90% year over year in a decrease in the daily death toll. There is an 88% year-over-year reduction in the seven-day moving average of deaths in California. There is an additional improvement by 10% as you look at the data into September from 2020. It is too early to tell what September 2021 will look like, but as you look at the data, the pattern looks to be in our favor.

This is not to say no to the vaccine, but to allow the people to choose what is right for them. The people can look at the data and determine if they choose to be vaccinated, or if they choose to rely on their own immune system. As you look at the improvement year over year, why the sudden rush to mandate vaccines? There should be a pause for more time, and data to be evaluated. Vaccinated or unvaccinated, you can’t argue with the improvement year over year, and the request for more time before impacting the lives of families and individuals.

Rocky Sandoval

Santa Clarita

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