Singer won’t let pandemic stand in way of dreams

Musician, Scott Mayo, a member of Earth, Wind & Fire, left, and singer Ivana Cespedes chat before they watch a new music video featuring members of Earth, Wind & Fire with Cespedes performing as the featured vocalist at her home in Canyon Country on Friday, January 31, 2020. Dan Watson/The Signal

Ivana Céspedes Jordan grew up in the Santa Clarita Valley, the place she calls home and credits with helping to foster her musical gifts, which have led Jordan to pursue her dreams; even with COVID-19 disruptions, she’s remained busy. 

Growing up in the SCV, Jordan attended a local church, stayed involved in the community and began to learn piano under The Master’s University piano professor, Lauren Mason.  

Jordan continued to work with Mason and felt she got to a comfortable place in her skills as a piano player after 10 years of learning under Mason. Jordan competed and began working as an accompanist. 

Additionally, Jordan continued to perform and worked with the Santa Clarita Philharmonic, performing a concerto as a solo pianist at the age of 19. However, she soon wanted to change her musical talents and participate in other music programs. 

“I was honestly looking for something else, and I really wanted a fresh start in music,” Jordan said. “It was not really for work, but for pleasure, and that’s when I started experimenting with my voice.” 

Jordan would attend College of the Canyons and join the vocal jazz program. The program began to compete nationally, winning many accolades and fostering her love of jazz. 

With a new fostered love of music, Jordan began working as a studio singer and caught the attention of the famous group Earth, Wind & Fire. She would perform with the group, garnering millions of views on the YouTube videos highlighting their collaboration. 

The future was bright for Jordan, who had lined up many gigs, including a singing role with Danny Elfman at Coachella, but COVID-19 hit the world, causing concerts to shut down.  

“I was about to sing for Danny Elfman at Coachella, and COVID hit,” Jordan said. “It hurt a lot; I lost about seven big jobs I had lined up for March 2020, and it was disappointing.” 

Her boyfriend Jamison Jordan helped her navigate the COVID-19 disruption and through the rough time. With time, the boyfriend would become her husband and life partner. 

“He basically encouraged me to get after it and not to give up on my dreams,” Jordan said. “He backed me financially to get the things that I needed to get going again.” 

The support of her husband, family and friends helped Jordan focus on her music, which has allowed her to release five songs in 2022. In addition, Jordan has contributed vocals on the hit Disney movie “Encanto.” 

With all Jordan’s success, she humbly credits her family for helping to instill that determination and perseverance in her that helped mold her into an accomplished Latina — the same determination allowed Jordan to graduate high school at 12 years old and college at 16 years old. 

In addition to pursuing her dreams and leveling up her music career, the self-driven Jordan is also helping the next generation of musicians. Jordan has continued to pay it forward as a vocal coach and mentor for youth. 

“I’m trying to teach people who are young and are trying to get into the industry that when you find something that you love and want to commit yourself, you have to actually commit, give your all and dedicate yourself to the craft.” 

Jordan shows no sign of stopping and plans to continue to pursue her music goals, develop young talent, and channel the strength of her family. 

She is scheduled to perform her first show of the year on Feb. 18 at 7 p.m. at the Vibrato Grill & Jazz in Bel-Air. She will be performing her newly released music and performing with members of Earth, Wind, & Fire.  

You can find more information on bookings, performances, music and coaching opportunities at Jordan’s website, 

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