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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

At age 18, Chloe Cole testified in Sacramento a few weeks ago (Sept. 1) against a radical California Senate bill (SB 107), which “ensures that California is a refuge state for trans kids and their parents,” according to the bill’s author, Democrat Sen. Scott Weiner. You may watch her full testimony at this Twitter feed:

Chloe is a former trans kid who was rushed into medical gender-transition and prescribed puberty blockers and the male hormone testosterone at age 13. By age 15, she had been approved for and undergone a double mastectomy — without any medical reason. However, her sexual dysphoria did not magically disappear, as her breasts had.

As a pre-teen, Chloe started having feelings of sexual confusion. Her parents were told they could either support their daughter’s gender transition or be contributing factors to her possible suicide. Backed into a cultural corner, they listened to the “professionals” and consented to her hormonal-transition as a minor and even the radical “top surgery.”

By age 16, Chloe began to understand the full significance of her falling for the false promise of happiness her gender “transition” would bring. Now, at age 18, she is coming to grips with all that has been taken from her. She has begun to advocate for treatment alternatives in the battle to protect minors from the emotional abuse and physical mutilation problems faced by many in gender transitions.

Sympathetic sources report that online forums are revealing more and more stories of “teens and 20-somethings with symptoms of osteoporosis, dramatic mood swings, hair loss, and other complications that have resulted from the laissez-faire prescription of hormone therapy to young people.” Chloe-like detransition stories are increasing.

In the weeks since her testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Chloe has helped found Detrans United, a support network and advocacy group. You can follow Chloe in her journey @ChoooCole and learn more about a helpful new movie on this ideology by going to

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