Local author releases novel, ‘Woody’s Journey’

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Can a retired aerospace engineer become a novelist? Can a rocket techie actually spin a tale? Well, local author W. L. (Bill) Lyons jumped into the fray and has completed his seventh book, “Woody’s Journey.” 

It all began eleven years ago when an old high school chum gave him a copy of his new novel. Intrigued, Lyons read it and decided it was awful. “I can do better than this,” he said and started his first novel, published in 2012. By 2021, five more took their place on the bookshelf, all facilitated by a writers’ group, which met weekly at local coffee shops.  

Lyons’ novel tells the story of Woodrow Sterling Lawrence III. Woody, as he was called, dwelled in the realm of rockets and computers while rebelling against his father’s dictum to become a lawyer. Woody’s knack for sparkling innovations usually ended in disasters, but his zeal pushed him on. Angie, a gorgeous college music major, challenged his passion for science by introducing him to Billy Joel. At first, he shunned Angie’s fervor, but she revealed the mystic power of a Beethoven symphony, which won him over, giving Woody a profound new understanding of the universe.   

“Woody’s Journey” is now available on Amazon along with all the other books by Lyons. 

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