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Letters to the Editor
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In response to the article about the William S. Hart Union High School District’s negotiations with teachers, I strongly disagree with the way our school district is being portrayed. It’s really disheartening to see our district being called a “school-shooting district,” a “racist district,” or a “district of bigots.” We should remember that these are just the opinions of one person, and in our great country, we all have the right to express our views freely.

My family moved to the Santa Clarita Valley area many years ago because we were drawn to its charm, beauty and the sense of safety it offered. We’ve experienced a peaceful environment where our children could walk to school and play outside without any worries. The idea that our district is associated with these negative labels doesn’t match our own experiences.

The connection between these issues and the negotiations for teachers’ pay raises is quite unclear. It’s important to separate these matters and address the concerns of our educators. They’ve been working really hard without a contract since June 30, and offering them a 0% raise doesn’t seem fair at all. Our teachers deserve fair compensation for the incredible work they do and the positive impact they have on our children.

I also question why the person in charge of negotiations is proposing a 0% raise. It seems out of touch with the financial realities that our teachers are facing.

It’s worth noting the Janus vs. AFSCME Supreme Court ruling of 2018, which allows union employees to decide if they want to pay dues or not. This gives our teachers more control over their choices.

Instead of resorting to divisive language, we should come together as a community to address the real issue: ensuring our teachers get the fair compensation they deserve. Let’s work together to make our community better, and that includes supporting all school staff. This is a much more constructive approach than exchanging hurtful words. 

Our top priority should be the education of our children, and we should strive to find solutions to these challenges. God bless America!

Glenda Yakel

Canyon Country

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