Top 51

No. 12: Vicki Engbrecht

Superintendent Vicki Engbrecht has been a real asset for the William S. Hart Union High School District as school leaders have navigated through the challenges of opening a state-of-the-art high school from scrat in Castaic.

No. 11: Laurene Weste

“Santa Clarita City Councilwoman Laurene Weste has been an advocate for keeping the Santa Clarita Valley’s natural setting as pristine as possible, while also balancing the needs of the business community, and Santa Clarita residents are better off for her work on their behalf.”

No. 10: Cameron Smyth

Cameron Smyth is a second-generation leader here in the Santa Clarita Valley who understands the importance of keeping Santa Clarita one of the best places to raise a family that there is, and he’s demonstrated a dedication to keeping it that way for decades.

No. 9: Steve Sturgeon

“Steve Sturgeon has been a longtime supporter of Santa Clarita Valley schools, as well as a successful entrepreneur in our community. His support of the nonprofit community is also part of what makes this community so great.

No. 8: Bob Kellar

It would be harder to find someone who’s worked harder than Bob Kellar on behalf of city of Santa Clarita for things like veterans support, public safety and small businesses, among other issues, over the last 20 years.

No. 7: Dr. Dianne Van Hook

“College of the Canyons Chancellor Dianne Van Hook is a leader’s leader in the Santa Clarita Valley, and someone whose lasting power and continual ability to deliver top-notch results for COC makes her work there an invaluable asset for our community.”

No. 6: Don Kimball

Newhall Land, and its successor agency, FivePoint, will be guiding factors in the Santa Clarita Valley’s future for some time to come — and we look forward to Don Kimball, as community president for the developer, to continue to create sustainable homes for the SCV.”

No. 5: Larry Rasmussen

Larry Rasmussen of Spirit Properties never seeks out credit or attention for community service, but he’s someone who’s always willing to help out and give back to an area he’s helped develop from the ground up, like many of the Santa Clarita Valley’s best developments.

No. 4: Kathryn Barger

County Supervisor Kathryn Barger is the type of leader the Santa Clarita Valley needs, who’s unafraid to be a lone voice on L.A. County’s Board of Supervisors if that’s what it takes to represent the best interests of the residents in our community.

No. 3: Ken Striplin

Santa Clarita City Manager Ken Striplin manages an incredible staff and an amazing number of resources, and his nonstop work on behalf of city residents everyday at the top of our local government has made this community a better place to live for the last seven years.

No. 2: Scott Wilk

State Sen. Scott Wilk has shown time again and again to be an individual who has the patience, dedication and leadership ability to serve the people of the Santa Clarita Valley. His character understanding and care for his hometown make him an example for public office.

No. 1: Peggy Rasmussen

Santa Clarita Valley seniors are so lucky to have an advocate like Peggy Rasmussen, who volunteers tirelessly on their behalf. Few would take on the monumental task of fundraising for a new senior center, let alone be able to successfully lead the effort.