Top 51

No. 33: Michael Berger

Michael Berger, a College of the Canyons governing board member and senior vice president at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, provides experience and expertise that benefits the Santa Clarita Valley business and nonprofit communities in a number of ways.

No. 32: Bill Cooper

Despite years of drought that are inevitable in a desert like California, the Santa Clarita Valley has always been able to rely on safe, clean water, thanks to years of dedication from its leaders like Bill Cooper.

No. 31: Marlee Lauffer

Marlee Lauffer’s body of work in communications and outreach with Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital, and the high esteem the community has for that organization, demonstrates the skill and dedication she brings to the Santa Clarita Valley.

No. 30: Mike Kuhlman

William S. Hart Union High School District Superintendent Vicki Engbrecht is passing the torch to another former Canyon High School principal, and the district is lucky to have Mike Kuhlman’s experience to continue to lead one of the best districts in the state.

No. 29: Joe Caso

Joe Caso of Frontier Toyota is one of the business owners out here who frequently give generously to support community activities in the Santa Clarita Valley without ever having to be asked, whether it’s little league athletics or local high school sports teams.

No. 28: Robert Newman

Santa Clarita’s plan for 2020 has been one of the most ambitious around, and the city of Santa Clarita’s director of Public Works, Robert Newman, is the man the city is looking to lead the way and make sure all of the city’s state-of-the-art facilities goals are accomplished.

No. 27: Wayne Crawford

Wayne Crawford is a model citizen for the city of Santa Clarita, the way he has been extremely successful with his business in the private sector and then making a significant effort to use that success to support a countless number of schools up here.

No. 26: Jason Crawford

While the Santa Clarita Valley has a host of people and interests who are looking out for businesses, it’s the job of Jason Crawford, who does excellent work on behalf of the city, making sure it’s a place where people want to live and work.

No. 25: Holly Schroder

When you have so many interests at play when it comes to industry and commerce in the Santa Clarita Valley, it’s important to have a unifying force keeping an eye on the big picture, and the SCV is lucky to have SCV Economic Development Corp. CEO Holly Schroeder in that role.

No. 24: Joe Messina

As a member of the William S. Hart Union High School District’s governing board, Joe Messina has been a longtime voice for Santa Clarita Valley high school students, and his dedication to developing opportunities for children has been vital to our community as it continues to grow.

No. 23: Bill Miranda

Bill Miranda has been a strong advocate for the business community during his term as a City Councilman, re-affirming the decision made by his fellow council members when they made his appointment. Our City Council is a major reason why the Santa Clarita Valley is a great place to live.

No. 22: Roger Seaver

“One of the Santa Clarita Valley’s most trusted resources is its hospital, and the man charged with the task of keeping it running has managed to add programs, funding and facilities since taking leadership, making the hospital one of the best even better.

No. 21: Sandy Sanchez

Sandy Sanchez has been a welcoming community presence for FivePoint, which is planning and developing the future of the west side of the Santa Clarita Valley. Her longtime community involvement is comforting to see in a company so important to our area’s outlook.

No. 20: Cheri Fleming

Cheri Fleming gives constantly of herself to the community’s local nonprofits, which she’s been able to do as a longtime successful business owner of Valencia Acura, along with her husband, Don. Our leaders who care are what makes the Santa Clarita Valley so special.

No 19: Christy Smith

Assemblywoman Christy Smith seems to be learning her way around Sacramento very quickly, as evidenced by some of the work she’s already been able to accomplish on behalf of Santa Clarita Valley residents. We look forward to her building on a successful first year in office.

No. 18: Don Fleming

As a leader for an industry that makes up one of the city’s largest economic drivers, Don Fleming of Valencia Acura has been a longtime supporter of Santa Clarita Valley businesses, using his influence to try and make his community a better place to work and live

No. 17: Matt Stone

“The jury’s out: The merger of the various water districts in the Santa Clarita Valley has been a huge success, thanks to legislative work and water board leadership. A big congratulations for that goes to SCV Water Agency General Manager Matt Stone.”

No. 16: John Musella

John Musella of Evolve Business Strategies is someone who’s helped build a network of support for Santa Clarita Valley businesses when one almost didn’t exist, and then turned it into something stronger than ever, which is one of the many reasons why he belongs on this list.

No. 15: Katie Hill

In a very short time, Congresswoman Katie Hill has made a national name for herself, and able to position herself in several high-profile roles in Congress, which continues to bring national attention to the 25th Congressional District.

No. 14: Capt. Robert Lewis

“Faced with one of the most difficult jobs in the Santa Clarita Valley — keeping an entire community safe, Capt. Robert Lewis of the SCV Sheriff’s Station regularly makes sure we live in one of the safest communities in the entire country.”