Ruth Baker: Vote for Edel: It’s time for a change

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I strongly disagree with The Signal’s endorsement of Bruce Fortine and encourage voters to support Edel Alonso for College of the Canyons’ COC’s Area 2 board seat.

I worked with Edel at both Hart High School and College of the Canyons. Anyone who has observed her work ethic and commitment to young people would realize how important it is to elect someone with her qualifications.

Edel’s leadership skills and ability to work with administration, staff, students and parents were apparent at every school she’s worked at. She initiated many innovative programs and always had the foresight to adhere to changes that would benefit all students.

At Hart High she began “UNITY,” a peer led anti-bullying program. She also established and facilitated bilingual parent meetings as a supplement to the PTO meetings, thus enabling all parents to participate in their children’s education program.

At Valencia High School she introduced and led TAG (Teenage Grief), a bereavement counseling program for students who had experienced a loss.

At COC she worked on accreditation standards, initiated online counseling services and worked with MESA (Mathematics, Engineering and Science Achievement Program) students to further the study of mathematics and science. She was caring and inspiring while always giving selflessly to her students.

At both Valencia High and COC, Edel was chosen department chair by her peers. When serving on the Academic Senate at COC, she was elected president by her colleagues for two terms.

She is supported by the COC faculty, who know she will work to provide the best environment for their students.

You can readily see the difference between Edel and the incumbent in The Signal’s Voter Guide (10/14). While Edel Alonso set forth extensive goals for positive change, Bruce Fortine listed supporters and left out any concrete plans for the future.

It’s time for a change. It’s time for Edel.

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