Lois Eisenberg: High school diplomas are worthless

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Students are graduating from high school with such watered-down graduation requirements that the high school diploma has been rendered meaningless.

The high school exit exam that was required to graduate has been eliminated. To show you how ludicrous this is, students can get a high school diploma for just showing up for classes.

Students who have failed can do make-up work but are working at a much lower standard than they were in their non-makeup classes.

Another ludicrous act is that a “student who failed the exam in past years can now apply to get their diplomas retroactively.”

With all due respect, a voter without a high school diploma can affect the outcome of an election by not understanding the issues at hand, and he or she can be reeled in to believing what a candidate is saying is true, even if it’s false.

The core system advocates passing a class only if you have a complete understanding of that class. But Trump wants to eliminate the core system, which is needed to ensure a student can at least graduate with a complete understanding of his or her academic courses.



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