Val Thomas: The flip side of dead people voting

SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
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Assemblyman Scott Wilk is correct when he says dead people should not be allowed to vote. I was born and raised in Chicago and have long known dead people have still been on the voter rolls and “voting.”

But there is another side to the issue: voter suppression. This occurs when citizens are required to have unreasonable papers to register – for example, requiring a driver’s license where significant proportions of the population do not possess them.

This occurs when early voting days are minimized or eliminated. It occurs when precincts are shut down in minority or college areas so that voters must stand in long lines for hours at the few available precincts.

It occurs when those precincts are shut down at the “mandated closing times” although many voters have been standing in line for many hours waiting their turn to vote.

Of course dead people should not be allowed to vote, but the other side of the coin is equally egregious!

Voting is a protected right for virtually all citizens and should be respected and encouraged at all levels of government.

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