Dick Ramirez: City Council, quit your pettiness

Outgoing City Councilman TimBen Boydston gives final remarks for 2016. Some supporters want him appointed to the empty council seat.. Katharine Lotze/Signal

I read where our City Council will “audition” applicants for an empty spot on the council.

With all respect to Cameron Smyth, the present City Council members are acting like spoiled crybabies. We just had an election, and TimBen Boydston came in third in a race for two seats.

This was a fair election where our city’s voters clearly indicated their choices. I repeat, “their choices.”

But for some infantile, silly, petty reasons that are left unexplained, the present council members tell us all: “We don’t want to work with TimBen.”

So what? He was our next choice, and now a third seat is open. Don’t our votes count for more than your reasons for throwing child-like tantrums?

I am convinced that their choice is positively pre-ordained. These “three-minute auditions” are a joke.

I’d like to see a group of concerned citizens take these children out behind the woodshed and spank some manners into them. It’s our city, too, and we outnumber you, council members.

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