Jerry Schlund : From a grateful vet

Army veteran Keith Curry covers his heart during the singing of God Bless America at a Veteran's Day event at the SCV Senior Center. Jayne Kamin-Oncea/For The Signal
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On Monday morning, March 27, I met with my son at Crazy Otto’s restaurant in Canyon Country.  We were on our Harley motorcycles and stopped in for breakfast.  We wanted to spend some time together on our bikes that day.  We enjoyed a great breakfast and prior to leaving, I used the restroom.  Upon returning to my table, the waitress advised me that the bill had already been taken care of.  She wouldn’t tell me who it was.  I then realized that I was wearing my Vietnam Veterans cap.  My son said that the waitress came by and just picked up the $30 check and walked away.

In the past, I have experienced many people thanking me for my service.  I would usually then reply, “Thank you, it was my honor”.  But I never came across anything like this.  There were few people in the restaurant at that time and I was just short of obtaining everyone’s attention to thank whomever, but I declined.

This was the beginning of a good day, that was planned, made even better.  I want to sincerely thank that person who did this, realizing that there are so many very good people still left in this world.  There was something within this individual that prompted them do this.  Maybe he or she was a vet also.  Maybe they lost someone in the military in the past. Or perhaps they just felt blessed to be an American and be a part of this Great Nation and I was a reminder.

God bless you.

Jerry Schlund    
Proud Sergeant,
9th Infantry Division,
United States Army

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