Jim Horton: California a wasteland of taxes, regulation

SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary

I returned from Phoenix several weeks ago from watching baseball spring training. When you cross the Colorado River from California to Arizona you are aware of a noticeable improvement in the highway and – wonder of all wonders – the rest stops are open and welcoming.

The first thing that you notice when returning to California is a closed rest stop that has been that way for a number of years.

Gasoline was $2.15 a gallon in Arizona, and Albertsons gave me a bag to carry home my groceries. 

In the last week I have spoken to three people who indicated to me that they were moving out of state because it had just gotten too expensive to continue living in California.

If things were not bad enough already, our goofball governor has just succeeded in raising taxes again to pay for road repair. Haven’t we done this before? Living in California is beginning to feel like we are living in an alternate universe.

The head goofball in Sacramento proposes one crazy thing after the next, and the citizens like blind sheep vote for it or watch as the liberals pass another destructive piece of legislation.

Not only will this increase the price of everything, but the poor and the middle class will be radically affected.

When I moved here in 1966, California was a land of milk and honey. Now it has become a wasteland of taxes and regulations.

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