Kevin Eliason: What’s safe and what’s safer?


I saw this headline in the May 11 Signal: “Whittaker site ready to develop by late 2018.” After reading the story, I came to one conclusion: No way can this contaminated property be ready for development by 2018.

The article says it will be suitable for commercial development, restaurants, parks, schools, recreation and open space. The only structures that cannot be built are homes.

What is the logic to this decision? If public safety is the priority and all this is safe to develop, than why not OK housing also? All this development will bring people to use the facilities, but it’s just not safe to build your home here?

That sends a warning message. What needs to be built across the property are roads like the final connection of Via Princessa.

I have lived across Soledad since 1981 and know the history of the Bermite Plant and what the property was used for. You cannot guarantee personal safety with this plan.

Open development is years away but roads and certain other restricted construction may not be. Am I the only one who does not accept that? If you don’t agree, convince me otherwise.


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