Higher Vision Church Christmas Musical ‘Marvelous’ Takes Center Stage!


By Cully Schneider

This Christmas, Higher Vision Church is reprising its Christmas musical “Marvelous,” a retelling of the Nativity story filled with the excitement of space travelers, superheroes and princesses. The play tells the story of the Miller family and its reflection on the meaning of Christmas all through dance, music, adventure and fairy dust.

“It’s kind of a Christmas musical we wrote last year and did actually last year for the first time… and are bringing it back this year,” explains Lead Pastor Jared Ming. “It’s telling the Christmas story, but in a fun, creative way that kind of relates to everyone. We got big live orchestra. We got superhero characters. We got Disney characters. We got characters from iconic movies and they’re all a part of telling the story of Christmas – and it’s a lot of fun.” The play will even have flying superheroes and various stunts.

According to Pastor Ming, this year the musical’s story will be slightly different from last year, in addition to some dialogue changes. The Broadway style performance has been tweaked for a new experience. Audience members can also expect updated scenes and new stunts.

Higher Vision Church wants to make sure the whole family can enjoy the experience. “So really it’s for all ages,” remarks Pastor Ming. “We have young kids all the way up to Grandmas and Grandpas that come. Like last year we had around 5,000 people that showed up for the production, so we are anticipating the same thing this year.”

To ensure a great experience for the whole family, childcare is available at each performance for little ones 5 years of age and younger. A family room with diaper changing facilities for babies and a live feed of the show will also be available, so no moments are missed.

Attendees are encouraged to get there early because last year there were showings that were standing room only. The hour and a half production will not

only feature characters from Marvel, Star Wars, DC, Disney, Star Trek and more, but as a special treat kids can take pictures with characters after the show. Last year, Darth Vader showed up to greet the crowd.

Pastor Ming says, “We really feel like it has kind of become a tradition for a lot of people just because of the attendance that we’ve had over the years.” He continues, “I think we tried to use a lot of humor so people laugh and have fun. I think as well there is a strong message of encouragement and hope for people. We kind of live in a culture right now that’s very divided, very pessimistic and you know Christmas is a hopeful season, so I think when people come maybe we just have fun and enjoy it; but I think they’ll be able to leave it inspired and encouraged. And for people who don’t normally go to church this is a great event to come see.”

“Marvelous” runs from December 14-17 at 7 p.m. each night. Tickets are free and can be obtained at the church office throughout the week. Kids ages two and above will need tickets. For further details call 661-295-6642. A certain number of tickets are reserved and once they run out those without tickets will need to show up at least 30 minutes before the performance in order to get a place in line for entry into the show.

Pastor Ming adds, “This production I would say is really designed to try to connect with children, with parents, with grandparents – something that the whole family can come and do together and enjoy.”

“Marvelous” is one way to bring local families together this holiday season that will be sure to keep them entertained and full of whimsy. And what better way to enjoy the holidays than with those you love.

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