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Winter dress can be cozy and fashionable

As the weather cools — even if only slightly — it’s time to swap out those flip flops and shorts for some sweaters and boots. This winter, you don’t have

Comfortable yet stylish shoe trends to try

While comfort will continue to reign supreme for clothing and accessories in 2021, when it comes to footwear, there are a variety of fun fashion trends that make a statement.

Take care of your scalp

When it comes to your skin and hair care routine, it can be all too easy to forget the scalp. But you shouldn’t, says Dr. Rocio Rivera, Ph.D. “Think of

Common skin-care ingredients that are good for you

The skincare industry is thriving. Many products feature prominently in daily self-care routines, and various items — particularly those with natural and organic ingredients — have surged in popularity. The

How to apply self-tanning lotions like a pro

The Skin Cancer Foundation warns that prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation is a major risk factor for skin cancer. Damage from UV rays is cumulative, meaning skin cancer risk increases

How to save your face one exercise at a time

Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent each year on anti-aging and anti-wrinkling treatments in an effort to improve one’s appearance and mask potential signs of aging. Zion Market Research

Simple makeup tips for enhancing beauty

Millions of women turn to cosmetics to help them put their best faces forward. The online people skills resource the Science of People indicates an estimated 44% of American women

How to stay fit while quarantined at home

Life changed overnight for millions of people across the globe in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, which shuttered businesses and forced many people to follow stay-at-home measures issued by

The latest trends in women’s eyebrows

Trends involving eyebrow shaping and shading are ever-changing. Sometimes it’s de rigueur to have thin eyebrows, while other times trends call for much thicker eyebrows.  Bold brows  The thinned-out eyebrows

Fashion week in Southern California

Southern California is emerging as a serious contender in the world of fashion. No longer does New York Fashion Week, or the runways of London, Milan and Paris dictate the

Best wedding venues in SCV

The Santa Clarita Valley can lay claim to some of the best wedding venues around, including ones that work with budgets and offer a variety of services. Though weddings are