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Take care of your scalp

When it comes to your skin and hair care routine, it can be all too easy to forget the scalp. But you shouldn’t, says Dr.

The latest trends in women’s eyebrows

Trends involving eyebrow shaping and shading are ever-changing. Sometimes it’s de rigueur to have thin eyebrows, while other times trends call for much thicker eyebrows. 

Fashion week in Southern California

Southern California is emerging as a serious contender in the world of fashion. No longer does New York Fashion Week, or the runways of London,

Best wedding venues in SCV

The Santa Clarita Valley can lay claim to some of the best wedding venues around, including ones that work with budgets and offer a variety

Women redefining opinions on body image and self-esteem

At the end of January 2018, beauty history was made when Ashley Graham was picked up by Revlon to be the first “plus-sized” model in history to land a major beauty contract, joining Gal Gadot, Imaan Hammam and Raquel Zimmerman in the new “Live Boldly” campaign.