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Letters to the Editor

Annie Astorga | Smith Pushes Back on AB 5

Some California lawmakers are digging in and refusing to see the flaws in Assembly Bill 5. Not Christy Smith! I’m glad to see the assemblywoman standing up and fighting to

David Hegg

David Hegg | Set Your Life, Not Just Goals

By David Hegg  Ask any successful person about their strategy for success and you’ll usually hear about the necessity of setting goals. Determining what needs to be done, and how

Letters to the Editor

Richard Myers | Make America Golf Again!

Calling all golfers! You must be tired of doing the things you wouldn’t normally be doing. Have you straightened your closet? I have, and I can now hang up all

Letters to the Editor

Laura Tenney | Missing Tuesday Trivia

With all that’s taken away from life with COVID-19, our family has been disappointed to see Tuesday Trivia is gone, too, from your paper. We miss gathering at the dinner

David Hegg

David Hegg | COVID-19, Unity and Blame Game

By David Hegg  I am thrilled at the recovery we’re seeing. There are small but significant signs that what we’re doing together is helping. We’re sensing the emergence of real

David Hegg

David Hegg | I’m Mature. I Am! I Am! I Am!

By David Hegg  Somewhere, someone snuck into our social dictionary and changed the meaning of “maturity.” The consequence of this is a growing sense that those character qualities and ethical

Our View

Our View | Pulling Together, Staying Calm

By The Signal Editorial Board The Santa Clarita Valley has an excellent track record of coming together during crises. Earthquakes. The 9/11 terrorist attacks. And, the Nov. 14 shooting at

Letters to the Editor

Richard Myers | An Arbitrary Number

I have recently repeatedly heard about various localities banning large groups during this crisis, but in the same sentence saying that no groups larger than 250 will be permitted. Good

Letters to the Editor

Karla H. Edwards | Don’t Read and Drive

Interesting that people are worried about being around others for fear of the virus, but they don’t seem to worry at all about driving the streets of Santa Clarita. With