Eric Goldner: Vote Smith for smart decisions


Wow! Dante Acosta will make our state great again and keep our water safe magically by limiting taxes, spending and regulations!

And to think I was worried that if we elected another Republican to represent us in the California Assembly, our water supply might be in jeopardy, like what Flint, Michigan, experienced.

On the other hand, maybe blind fiscal conservatism isn’t the right path.

I’m so glad we have a much better alternative with Christy Smith. In discussing this kind of issue with her, I see thoughtful, intellectual approaches to solving issues affecting our community and our state.

I see problems being solved, and, more importantly, disasters prevented. I expect that Christy will work to ensure that regulations are appropriate and effective, as well as fiscally responsible.

I’d like to see our state’s issues addressed by smart decisions, not simply knee-jerk conservative, business-friendly solutions. Our families’ lives are at stake.

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