John Mahaffey: Integrity and policy win our votes


Over the past week, our lives have been bombarded by a plethora of political horror. Between Bryan Caforio and Christy Smith, a blatant disrespect for integrity is ever-evident in our community.

Politics is now defined, it seems, by false attacks on Congressman Steve Knight and racist, disgraceful mail-outs about state Assembly candidate Dante Acosta.

I thought the childish propaganda of politics clung exclusively to big-name elections. Yet my mailbox has not only been filled with trash from Bryan Caforio, but now from Christy Smith, as well.

Even the race for state Assembly between Smith and Acosta has got us rolling our eyes. I don’t know why Smith thinks labeling her opponent as a Mexican gangster (such as she did in her recent mail-outs) will help win our vote.

Integrity and policy win our votes, Christy; your desperation is disgusting.

I know Dante Acosta. Unlike his opponent, he is representative of what we have all worked so hard for to make Santa Clarita what it is today.

As politically tough as California is, our community needs all the help it can get to represent our views in Sacramento. Politics should be about issues, not personal hit pieces.

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