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Don Allen: Has America died?

Flags placed by the Boy Scouts waive in the wind as they mark the headstones of fallen servicemembers at Eternal Valley Memorial Park on Memorial Day 2015. KATHARINE LOTZE/Signal

Why is Hillary always guilty until proven innocent? Why aren’t the FBI and Supreme Court non-partisan?

The court stepped in and gave us President Bush. Now the FBI has stepped in and may give us President Trump.

Sure makes it hard to remain independent.

One thing is certain: The next four years will be a total loss no matter who wins.

A Trump win means the Goofy Obstructionist Party will be in charge and the face of America will be forever changed. If Hillary wins, the Goofy Obstructionist Party will block everything returning to stagnation to D.C.

Either way, the American people will be the losers. Also the FBI, Supreme Court and possibly the Justice Department will be operating under a major stain.

I have voted in many, many elections, some turning out all right, some not so. Many changes have developed over those years, leaving me with a feeling my America is dated. 

But this election cycle has left me feeling my America has died.

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