Casey McMichael: How stupidity works

Students from The Master's University used the flooded streets to surf and skimboard in Santa Clarita Sunday. Courtesy of Noah Olson

Well, another “unsafe – do not do this at home” article. Tuesday’s “Surf’s up for Master’s University students” (A1) is unbelievable.

To show the public and young people how stupidity works is beyond me. I ragged on you guys before about the kids skateboarding on Vasquez (Canyon Road) when the road was messed up last year. Thank God it’s fixed!

And now this picture of something so unsafe to do takes the cake. Hopefully nobody was hurt, but why show off like this?

I thought our city was committed to safety for our kids. And then there is the Master’s U issue with this kind of bad press!

I think those students involved in this kind of behavior should at least be reprimanded by the administration. If I worked at this fine college, I’d be pretty embarrassed to see this article.

Maybe I’m standing alone in this thinking, but if it were my child doing this, we’d have problems too!

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