Leon Worden: SCVTV apologizes for parade committee remarks

Santa Clarita Valley residents celebrate Fourth of July during 2016 parade.
Santa Clarita Valley residents celebrate Fourth of July during 2016 parade. Signal file photo

Editor’s note: The following was submitted as an open letter from SCVTV Local Television for Santa Clarita President Leon Worden to Signal Publisher Charles Champion.

It has come to my attention that a Santa Clarita Fourth of July Parade Committee volunteer made disparaging remarks about The Signal on social media. At least initially, the comments opened with the words, “As parade chair … ,” or words to that effect.

As you are aware, the Santa Clarita Fourth of July Parade is an activity of SCVTV and is organized by an all-volunteer committee of local individuals who come together each year for that purpose.

The above-referenced social media comments were not made or authorized by SCVTV or the Santa Clarita Fourth of July Parade Committee, and they do not reflect SCVTV’s or the Parade Committee’s position.

On behalf of SCVTV and its Parade Committee, I wish to extend our apology, and my personal apology, for comments made without our authorization or advance knowledge.

The Signal has been a vital thread in the fabric of our community’s Fourth of July celebrations ever since the paper started in 1919. From the first annual parade in 1932 onward, The Signal has been a valuable contributor to the parade, be it through publicity, coverage, sponsorship, direct participation or some combination of those things.

On a personal note, as a former editor of The Signal and family friend of the late Scott and Ruth Newhall, I am aware of the challenging and yet all-important role of local newspapers and other community media outlets not only to inform the public but also to build a healthy community.

As Scott said, “A fine community must support its newspaper. And a fine newspaper must support its community.” Let’s keep moving forward.

Leon Worden


We recognize the individual’s disparaging remarks had nothing to do with the Santa Clarita Fourth of July Parade and applaud Leon for his mature and level-headed handling of the situation, rescuing an 85-year-relationship between the parade and the newspaper. The Signal accepts Mr. Worden’s apology and will sponsor and participate in this year’s event. We hope others set on destroying relationships will take heed. – Chuck Champion


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