Top Mexican food trends for 2021

Many families constantly search for meal inspiration, and one of the best ways is to look toward trendy tastes for new options to add to

Popping Up Festive Holiday Fun

During a holiday season that may not quite feel the same for many families, you can add a magic touch to at-home festivities with activities

Michele makes … Hanukkah desserts

By Michele E. Buttelman Signal Staff Writer Oil played a significant role in the Hanukkah story, the small jug of oil that miraculously provided fuel

Christmas Cookie Cravings

As a child I remember sitting impatiently at the kitchen table waiting for my tray of cutout sugar cookies to decorate. My favorite cookie cutters

Thanksgiving Dessert

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All About Apples

Apple orchards, apple picking and apple desserts all scream fall. Glowing with bright yellows and reds, apples are juicy and more than ready to be

Pumpkins and the resulting spice bars and bread

Halloween isn’t complete without jack-o’-lanterns, and jack-o’-lanterns can’t be made without pumpkins. Plenty of people are familiar with pumpkins thanks to their connection to Halloween

Scary Good Food

Introducing kids to unfamiliar flavors doesn’t have to be a frightful experience. Getting creative and taking cues from some beloved characters may be all it

Add seafood to your summer grilled meals

Grilled meals provide a summer escape for many families by offering opportunities to spend moments together while enjoying flavorful dishes. As Americans face uncertainty in