Three apple hand pies in a row on red checkered napkin

Hand Pies

Delicious, whatever you call them  By Jim Walker  On the “latest craze” radar for about 10 years, still cresting the popularity wave, and perfect for

Just 25 miles from the Pacific Ocean, the Zaca Mesa Winery on the Foxen Canyon Wine Trail in Santa Barbara County, sit in the sweet spot between a cool and warm climate. The winery’s vineyards include Rhône grapes like Syrah, Grenache, Mourvèdre and Viognier. Courtesy Zaca Mesa.

Cheers to California Wine Month

By Michele E. Buttelman   Oenophiles will want to raise a glass to California Wine Month. Every September the wineries of the Golden State celebrate the

Photo courtesy of Aprill Benthamian.

The Number one Summer Diet

Cinch your waistline with this eating plan that incorporates all of your favorite healthy eats—plus wine!  By Aprill Benthamian  Contributing Writer, Not This, But That 

The dragon roll at O Sushi in Santa Clarita.

SoCal California Sushi Tour

By Michele E. Buttelman  California has long been the leader of innovation in entertainment, popular culture and other areas of American life. Sushi is no

Photo courtesy Jim Walker.

Ventura Harbor Village

Escape the heat and catch the fun  By Jim Walker  When your thoughts turn toward a cool seaside escape, and they will, soon enough, you

Traditional Irish Favorites

We get it, Ireland — Guinness and potatoes right? Well, not quite. The Irish do love a good helping of potatoes added to any dish,

Sometimes all you need is soup

By Victor Corral Martinez Signal Staff Writer Few foods can transcend continents and cultures the way soup can, and during January, it’s no surprise that

A Family Meal Worth Celebrating

When you are hungry and searching for something filling, juicy and rich, turning to your pantry for on-hand ingredients can make dinner a breeze. Dodge

Nutritious Fall Meals

With a return to busy fall routines, it can be challenging for many families to find the time to sit down at the table for