Joe Mackey: Due to benefit from Newhall Ranch? Not current residents

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I am writing regarding the editorial piece “Newhall Ranch Opportunities: Development of long-sought mini-city could mean widespread economic gain for SCV,” published July 22, 2017.

The blatant catering to the project in this article left me feeling like I just read the result of an uncomfortable phone call the Advertising Department had with an editor about how The Signal needs to consider its advertisers more than its readership or journalistic integrity.

When was the last time you drove through SCV and actually saw how many new developments are currently in the works?

The quote from Scorpion Design CFO Matthew Shepherd was the pinnacle of how detached this article felt from reality. “We see potential for this area to become the Silicon Suburbs.”

Has Mr. Shepherd seen how expensive housing is in Silicon Valley? The cost of living in general in the Bay Area is astronomically high!

I hope that in the future you are able to deliver editorial pieces that are more balanced and connected to your readers.

Joe Mackey
Santa Clarita

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